Balls of Blue


Rise of the Steaks


Ricky Butcher

Balls of Blue is off of the 2010 album, not featured on the show.


Through half open blinds,
I see hers but she can't see mine.
Ass naked, I watch for hours.

Though we never met,
We banged inside my head.
Each night that she changed for bed.

But all of a sudden, she just moved out.
(all of a sudden I just moved out)
What in the hell is that about?

Last night I needed you.
Cried my eyes out,
With balls of blue.

Not down with who moved in,
Two dudes and some stray kid.
Now I'm trapped in a stroke-free zone.

My blinds are closed for now,
Time to roll up a towel.
In the middle I stick my love.

Last night I needed you,
Cried my eyes out,
With balls of blue.

My heart burns from comfort food,
Been pounding it since I lost you!
Needed you!
I needed you!!

Ass naked, I watch for hours...

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