Bonny G





Only Appearance

Firin' the Band

Voiced by

Don Francks

Bonny G is a producer that pretends to work for the label Umpire Records.

When he tried to steal Ricky's song, he ended up dying from it. He was dragged into Hell by the men he killed.


He has gone insane with trying to be rich and famous. He takes bands to record their music in his basement, but ends up stealing their songs. When someone fires or disagrees with him, he kills them.


His dark gray hair is balding. He has a moustache, goatee, and large glass eye. He wears a blue button-up shirt, belt with gray buckle, and gray jeans.


  • His glass eye is a result of Arpo stabbing it out with a rainstick.
  • He and Arpo became friends in Hell.
  • He keeps the bodies of two Umpire Records executives in his house, because they refused to sign him and his last band.

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