Burnin' Skoolhaus


Rise of the Steaks


Sol Butcher

Burnin' Skoolhaus is off of the 2010 album, not featured on the show. It has its own music video.


Burnin' skoolhaus,
Why the hell you gotta be so shitty?
But every year I,
I gots to buy you, 'cuz you're pretty.

Burnin' skoolhaus!

You're full of fire, full of rage,
Just like me when I was a young boy.
Coulda been older than 9 or 10, maybe 11.
My tears fell on the page,
I wanted to burn down my school.
For real, I ain't jokin'!!

Burnin' skoolhaus!
Skoolin' burnhaus!
Burn it down Brandon Wars!
Dark and stormy night,
I rode my bike down to my school,
And I burned that mother-father down.


Burny McBurnstein, burn burn burnie,
Mighta killed the janitor.
I hope I didn't kill the janitor,
I like that janitor, NO!!

Burnin' skoolhaus!
Skoolin' burnhaus.
Burnin' skoolhaus!


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