Cypress Shade





First Appearance

Buryin' the Past

Voiced by

Ron Pardo

Cypress was Arpo's lawyer, and currently works as Sol and Ricky's family lawyer.


He is very straight-forward with everything, never sparing harsh details or the truth. He can be quite demonic, sly, and shady with his methods and speech.


He has pale-white skin, white hair, and pink eyes, possibly from albinism. He wears a light pink undershirt, with a darker pink tie. His suit is pink, and his pants and earrings are red.


  • He only appeared in season 1.
  • His eyes glow red in the dark.
  • He seems to be evil, which may be a reference to that all lawyers are evil as well.
  • When his shirt is taken off, three bullet wounds on his chest and a tattoo of the numbers 666 on his arm can be seen.

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