Dear John


PIGS Soundtrack


Max Smith
Sol Butcher

Dear John is a secret song on the Meatlantis album, and techno remix of the song of the same name.

It is featured on the season 2 episodes Scalpin' the Ticket, and  Firin' the Band.


John... (repeated)

I'm not allowed to love you,
But I can't quit you.
Our love is forbidden,
So how am I supposed to love you.

I'm not allowed to hold you,
But I need to feel you.
Our love is a given,
So how am I supposed to love you.

I love you John.

You hold my heart in your manly hands.
I want to feel the throb of your handsome gland.
I'm gonna hold you tight like a new born kitten.
Against my flesh like a cashmere mitten.

Tickly tick, I'm makin' skin bump heaven.
And all the way down it's lookin' cleanly shaven.
Prickety pricks, it's stubble on stubble.
Imma better slow down or I'm in real trouble.

Want you, touch you, feel you, taste you.
Knick-knack whacky whack until I see the man stew.
Spin around and let me see that hole.
Imma tunnelin' in like a short-hair mole.

Once I'm inside, I'm gonna leave a trace.
Half in there and half on that face.
One finger, two fingers, three fingers gone.
Mano a mano, I love you John.

John... (repeated)

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