Dream Come True




Ricky Butcher

Dream Come True is a single released in July of 2013. It is a cover of a song written by Frozen Ghost in 1989.


Love of my life,
I don't have a lot to give you.
What's in my heart,
Is all that I can really give you.
Love, undying love is all I have.
A handful of words, that might make you laugh.

And all the strength you need,
To make it through,
All your troubled times.
I give all of myself to you,
Only you,
My dream come true.

Love of my life,
You were all I ever wanted.
To be with you,
Is all I ever really wanted.
You, you've made my life a fairy tale.
You've added love, to a life that was so stale.

And know that I'll be there,
Always for you, when you need a friend.
I give all of myself to you,
Only you,
My dream come true.

I've been waiting my whole life for you,
Now my waiting is through.
All the nights I spent dreaming I knew,
That my dream would come true.

So many nights,
I laid awake dreaming I knew,
One day I'd be with you.
Now all my nights of dreaming are through,
Cause my dream has come true.

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