Feed Bag





First Appearance

Livin' the Dream

Voiced by

Max Smith (Blonde)
Jay Ziebarth (Brown)
Trevor Ziebarth (Black)
Mitch Bowden (Singing)

Feed Bag is a three member band, consisting of overweight men. They were signed by the Label Guy. For a short period of time, Ricky was a member.


They all seem to be fairly stupid, especially when it comes to speaking, and they constantly eat. They will do anything for fame.


The lead singer is the fattest of the three. He has blonde spiked hair, with thick black eyebrows, and a black moustache and goatee. He wears a blue and white T-shirt with blue pants, and has studded wristbands.

The bassist is the tallest and skinniest of the three. has long messy black hair, with black glasses. He wears a gray T-shirt with darker gray pants, and has a necklace with matching studded wristbands and belt.

The drummer is the shortest of the three. He has curly brown hair, with gold earrings. He wears a yellow T-shirt with gray pants, and has studded wristbands.


  • They have sung a total of 6 songs.
  • They were drawn to parodize the band My Chemical Romance.


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