Hand to Gland Combat


C Sections


Doug Borski
Ricky Butcher

Hand to Gland Combat is off of the 2016 album, not featured on the show.


Wake up at noon, 'cuz I mop today.
I gotta clear my mind, and I know the way.
With my shitty laptop and Windows XP,
Not worried about data, 'cuz the Wifi's free!

Bookmark link, in a flash I'm there.
Unzip my pants and slink into my chair.
Username: DOUG! Password: TITS!
I got so many choices that I'm havin' a fits!

Four stars no lower, min. a thousand views.
Anythin' less and that rating is askew.
Refine my search and scroll "New Release".
Now I'm gettin' closer so I'm grabbing my piece!

Four more pages and I found the one.
Male/male/female, BBW fun!
Turn off the lights and set the mood.

Stomach's kinda grumbly so I make some food.
Then I light some candles and strip into the nude.
Hand to gland combat's about to--

Doug, what the--

Now Ricky showed up, tryna spoil my game.
Too late bitch, I already came.

Uhhh, where?

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