Hot Dog Bun




Ricky Butcher

Hot Dog Bun is a single released in August of 2012.


Hot girl I've,
Known you for about a month.
You're religious,
So I know we cannot hump.

It's time I,
Hot Dog Bun that ass a bunch.
I'm not asking for a ton,
I just want to put my dog in your bun.

Hot Dog Bun,
Is a way to abstain.
It's still fun,
Without feeling the shame.

Hot girl I,
Think you got a bit confused.
The method,
Parts them buns, but never penetrates.

I use your cheeks to masturbate.
Lubricate, so I do not irritate.

Ok listen, you may not understand.
I wanna unintrusively slide my Jimmy Dean,
Between your butt cheeks resembling a hot dog in a bun,
Hence the name "Hot Dog Bun".
It's not sex, it's not even first base. It's just fun.
Pretend you're at a barbecue.

Hot Dog Bun,
Is a way to abstain.
It's all fun,
Until the mustard came.

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