How it's Long


Rise of the Steaks


Doug Borski

How it's Long is off of the 2010 album, not featured on the show.


It's not how its long, but how she makes it long.

When I walked in the bar,
Came face to face with my favourite porn star.
He was the guest MC,
Bought him a drink and he talked to me.

He said, "It's not how it's long, but how she makes it long".
He made little sense, but man it was intense.

I walked back home to ponder this cryptic message.
I didn't understand it, but I knew it would change my life forever!

I rented all of his flicks,
I watched him bang a hundred chicks.
I figured it out quick,
You gotta find a slutty chick.
And how she makes it feels big,
By bangin' like a ditch pig!

It's not how it's long, but how she makes it long.
The meaning is so intense, it makes so much sense.
Now I will pass it on, each time I sing this song.
How she makes it long...

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