Leather & Lace


Fall of the Steaks


Sol Butcher

Leather & Lace is off of the 2010 album, not featured on the show.


Sittin' on the edge of a knife,
Thinkin' 'bout the pain and the strife.
You got to pick yourself up,
And let it go, now.
You contemplate the meaning of life,
While I investigate the smell of your wife.
You know you, snooze you lose,
So let it go, pal.

Come together for the christening,
Feel together, it's the quickening.
You're a clever little spaceling.
Leather and lace, the secret of life.
Live selling guns, and die buying swords.
Smarten up, for the love of Gord,
Stay in school and learn things, kid.

You're a guy who wants to hump on a guy,
Or you're Kate jonesin' for Alley's pie.
If you're the queer, just stop livin' the lie.
Just tell the world... gay.

Did you hear about the happenings?
They involve all the finer things.
We don't need more firings. (of the missiles of war)

Leather and lace, the secret of life.
Leather and lace, the secret of life.

Lace is fragile, leather is rough,
Leather can chap your bum, but lace is soft to the touch.
But hey, ain't that just like life?
It's startin' to make sense to me.

It's the pain with pleasure, the good with the bad,
Let go of the heartache, don't hold on to the sad.
It's forgiveness for your molestin' dad.
He ain't a bad dad!

Cryin' bout the milk that you spilt,
You should be alivin' bout the life that you built.
You're so high, it's like you're on fuckin' stilts, friend.

We're together its a family,
Love forever loving happily.
We're all clever little spacelings.

Leather and lace, the meaning of life.
Leather and lace, and the secret of life.
Leather and lace, the secret of life.

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