Ricky Butcher

Loverechaun is a single released on December of 2012. It is featured on the season 2 episode Chasin' the Demon.


At the end of the rainbow, I found love.
You were a'floating, in the gold.

I don't even care if you're a...
My lovely Loverechaun!
She was...

Three foot none, with 34 D's,
Long green hair, down to her knees.
She gave me a choice, now I must pick.
Either I take the gold, or them green tits...

Green tits,
I chose the green tits.
I'll always choose the green tits!

Why wouldn't I?
I mean I've had black tits, red tits and brown tits.
I've never had green tits, heh?

You're one busty Leprechaun.

Now it's just me, and her Lucky Charms.
And two orange beards under her arms? What the f-
And that's not even the worst of it!
Between those stubby little legs was a green dick!
This Leprechaun is a he!
All Leprechauns are a he!
I think I read that somewhere once...

I then reacted instantly,
I punted a dwarf into the sea.
And then I filled my pockets with his gold,
But the gold coins were chocolate.
That's insult to injury.

And the chocolate had coagulated,
From all of my excess heat.
No money and no chocolate,
No green tits were meant to be.
But hey... I've got one dead dwarf for sale!

Come on guys, it's goin' cheap, real cheap.
Four easy payments of F you! Heh heh...
Just kidding, just give me twenty bucks,
And take the dead fuckin' thing off my hands, thank you...

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