Made Love by the River




Sol Butcher

Made Love by the River is a song featured on the season 2 episode Fightin' the Greek.


Steeltown on a Saturday night,
A bucket of chicken and you.
Two lovers in love, we was lovin' a lot,
And the love was so loveably true.

I lay down a blanket by the johnny on the spot,
Everything was feelin' so right.
Your lips said "no", but your eyes said "DO ME",
So we're makin' sweet love tonight.
We made love by the river!
We made love by the river!
It felt so right under the moon that night,
Livin' in a teenage dream.
I can still taste the chicken on your cherry red lips,
As you fumbled with the fly on my jeans.

An eager little beaver and a sentimental boy,
Livin' on the edge of a dream.
On the wrong side of town,
Them jeans came down.
We was makin' love!
We made love by the river!
We made love by the river!
Yeah, we made love by the river!
I do, I do, child, I do, I do.
Love by the river!

Oh, rock me Ricky!
Listen kids, love's a 4-way stop.
If you get there first you have the right of way,
But if they get there first they have the right of way.
But if you both arrive at the same time, in a that magical moment,
The person to the right has the right of way. (the right of way)
Let's all sing together now!

We made love by the river! (x10)

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