Miss Fattiss





Only Appearance

Findin' the Nuts

Voiced by

Maria Vacratsis

Miss Fattiss is a sideshow attraction at D.P. Barlett's circus.

She is known as the world's fattest woman, and she is so fat that must be carried into her room and bathtub by crane. Ricky pretended to be her washer in order to see her boobs.


Her blonde hair is cut short, and she has pink lipstick on. She wears a green tank top with darker green shorts. Under her clothing, she has a red one-piece swimsuit.


She is quite obsessed with food, even saying that if her limbs fell off, she would eat them. However, what she really wants is a friend, as everyone she meets just wants to see her boobs.


  • The Tit Song is based on her.
  • Her cup size is 162 Triple Alpha Omega, and each breast weighs 150 lbs.
  • She appeared on a magazine called "The Gossiper" twice, for her huge breasts, and for a weight loss ad.

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