Morris, Boris, and Deloris


Female, Males




Tittiana (Mother)

First Appearance

Fightin' the Greek

Voiced by

Max Smith
Trevor Ziebarth

Morris, Boris, and Deloris are three rowdy children. They appear in the backgrounds of many episodes, but are never addressed until the appearance of Tittiana.


Morris is the fattest of the three. His red hair is curly. He has freckles, and a unibrow. He wears a green shirt, gray pants, and black shoes.

Boris is the tallest of the three. His red hair is cut short. He has an overbite, freckles, and a unibrow. He wears a red shirt, blue pants, and black shoes.

Deloris is the shortest of the three. Her light red hair is kept in pink pigtails. She has glasses, freckles, pink lipstick, and braces. She wears a pink laced dress, and pink sneakers.

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