Ms. Nielson






Gord (Son)

First Appearance

Doin' the Time

Voiced by

Maria Vacratsis

Ms. Nielson shops at the Sons of Butcher's store, and has a cat named Reverend Puss-Puss.


She is a stereotypical old woman, and hates rock music as it is the devil's playground. She has strong maternal longings, which she had shown when she started telling Doug to stop playing in the dirt, and to go to bed at 9 PM. She even wanted to take her comatose son off life support, and replace him with Doug. However, Doug went against her demands and she hates that.


She is a short, elderly woman with large breasts. Her blue-ish gray hair is styled upwards in a curl, and she has yellow glasses, gold earrings and red lipstick. She wears an orange T-shirt with lighter orange pants.

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