Mucktaluck and Rose






Doug (Son)

Only Appearance

Findin' the Nuts

Voiced by

Khareme Lambie

Mucktaluck and Rose are a husband and wife of an Aboriginal tribe in Africa. They adopted Doug, but after they told him that they were not his real parents, they were eaten by a five-legged lion.

The pocket watch/lighter that his mother had around her neck is the only thing Doug has left of them.


They, like the rest of the tribe, found Doug to be a huge disappointment. They treated their son very badly and thought little of him.


Mucktaluck's black, curly hair is kept in a red headband, and he has a unibrow. He wears a red band around his neck with feathers and a medallion, gray bracelets, and a red loincloth.

Rose keeps her hair in a yellow headdress, and she uses four neck rings. She wears a yellow dress, and brown bracelets.

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