Only Appearance

Fishin' the Hole

Voiced by

Ron Pardo

Nedgwar is an alien, apart of the nomadic space tribe Manoo. He stopped on Earth 1000 years ago for a piss break and lost his pet Roofies, and stayed trying to find him.

He hid in the basement of Arpo's old cabin, until Sol and Ricky found his pet by accident, and he left.


In disguise, he has a shaggy gray moustache, beard, and hair. There are purple rings around his eyes. He wears a brown trench coat and hat.

In reality, he has no hair. His skin is orange with darker bumps, and tongue also has bumps. He has a dark gray ring around his eye, and the inside of his mouth is purple. His ears are winged. For clothing, he wears a purple robe with lilac bands around his neck and wrists, and buttons going down the center.


  • His catchphrase is "you know".
  • His voice is based on Rodney Dangerfield.

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