Nobody's Fault


The Eight Year Solo


Ricky Butcher

Nobody's Fault is off of Ricky's solo album, not featured on the show.


I can tell what you say, and will say.
Learned a lot about love, in one day.
I've never had it, like I have it, yeah!!

It's not no one's fault,
But this kills me from the inside.
It's not nobody's fault,
Now I'm losin' the answers.

I've been thinking of you, and will be.
I've been falling for you, and have fell.
I've never felt it, like I feel it, yeah!!

It's not no one's fault,
And that you're perfect from the inside out.
It's not nobody's fault,
And I'm tryin' to make you mine.

When I saw you, I felt so fast.
And so did you, unlike the past.

It's not no one's fault,
Now that destiny has chosen.
It's not nobody's fault,
And no words have been spoken.

Now I've got you, made you mine.
Walk with me, 'till the end of time.

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