Palm Loin Armigiana


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Doug Borski
Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

Palm Loin Armigiana is a single released in March of 2015.


In a land far away, about two blocks away in Italianville,
There lived a girl named Giana Parmigiana.
Poor girl lost her arm in the flesh eating craze of '93,
But y'know what they say?
What doesn't kill both arms makes the remaining arm stronger.
Well now she's putting Steeltown on the map, one handy at a time!

Palm Loin Armigiana. x3

Palm Loin Armigiana is her name,
She has one arm and one meaty hand.
World's greatest handy,
High skilled one armed hottie.

Steeltown legend, Doug would be in heaven,
He's got a thing for hot amputees.

Hey Doug?

From deep in the steel,
I heard she was real.
Pumps like a wheel,
Softer than veal.
Ya bark like a seal,
Totally squeal.
Head over heel,
For that one arm feel.
Grip is surreal,
Move like an eel.
So I appeal,
Let's make a deal.
I was the bloke,
The king of the stroke.
The chicken I choke,
Then I was awoke.
'Cuz she was the queen,
The best I seen.
Her stroke was mean,
Up all fourteen.
Then guillotine,
Down to my spleen.
Envy is green,
My tank is clean.
I'm drippin' saline,
She's a machine.
Completely obscene,
I think I'm in love!

One handy at a time,
But you know what they say?
One 'qwhandy' at a time,
One 'QWHANDY' at a time.

World's greatest handy,
High skilled one armed hottie.
Palm Loin Armigiana!

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