Payin' the Bills
Season 1, Episode 10
Airdate November 4, 2005
Production No. 110
Directors Karl Dipelino
Featured Songs Decapitation
NSane Dream
Save the SOBs
Helpin' the Community
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Suckin' the Soul
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Lovin' the Granny

Payin' the Bills is the tenth episode of the first season of Sons of Butcher.


Completely broke and with a landlord breathing down his neck, Sol decides that he has to resort to small jobs for some quick cash to pay the rent. Meanwhile, Doug starts selling his immense porno-mag collection and Ricky joins the police force to thwart a thief.


  • Credits: In loving memory of Afghaniraq.
  • Shop window gag: Sol jumps through window.


Sons Of Butcher S1 E10 - Payin' The Bills22:06

Sons Of Butcher S1 E10 - Payin' The Bills

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