Sons of Butcher's inability to keep a drummer for more than one episode is a deliberate shout out to the band This Is Spinal Tap. Not every performance features a drummer in the back, but every time they do, it is a different person.

Arpo ButcherEdit


He drummed to Until it Bleeds. He first came back as a ghost to continue his haunted house, but when Bonny G tried to kill his sons, he turned into a meat demon to drag him to Hell. Before he did that however, he drummed to Ricky's song.



He drummed to F the World, and The Plan. He was in the band performing for tourists at a hotel, but when Ricky took over their band, he took a boat back to Steeltown with him. He then played with SOB until he was killed by acid rain.

Christal BallzEdit


He is based on the real-life drummer. He drummed to (Dream) Girl Dream (Lady), and Action Reaction. He first appeared when they played for Jib's bar as the house band, but he was only shown once. After Ricky had his first heart attack, he left the stage. He later came back to play for their Halloween gig.

Pat MuggerEdit


He drummed to Love in the Raw. He first appeared sneaking up behind Doug, telling him to give him $100 and to load all of their band equipment into his van. Doug thought that he was mugged, but it wasn't until the end of the episode that it was revealed that he was the drummer the whole time.



He drummed to Free Shit. He first appeared convincing Doug to try his shit stain reading technique, which Doug ended up reading the wrong way and thought he was dying. After clearing Doug's mistake, he helped with Ricky's plan to headline the benefit concert. However, that backfired when his tumour blew his head open. He was able to survive that regardless.



He drummed to I Hate Girlfriends, Rockload, and Gentle Art of Butchery. He first appeared briefly drumming while Ricky was in prison. He was later ordered by Ricky to play a gig for an office party (but Ricky went to the wrong place). Ricky had flat out told him that he can only talk when spoken to, because he's a drummer, not a musician. He may have been killed when the old folk's home set on fire.

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