SteelCo Workers





Only Appearance

Workin' the Steel

Voiced by

Dave Dunham (brown)
Jay Ziebarth (blonde)
Trevor Ziebarth (black)

The SteelCo Workers are three muscular machine operators, who earn $5000 a month and use it to go to the gym and fly to the Caribbean.


They are rude and taunting to any guy they see as not being manly, such as Ricky who has long hair, is in a band, has never had sex, and does not work out. They use the insults "queer" and "woman" for guys who do not meet their standards.


One is quite dark-skinned, and has black crew-cut hair. He has a unibrow, stubble, and a gold earring on his left ear. He wears a purple polo shirt, and black pants.

One has brown crew-cut hair with sideburns. He has a brown goatee, and a gold earring on his left ear. He wears a pink polo shirt, and blue pants.

One has blonde short hair, and a pencil moustache. He wears a orange polo shirt, and purple pants.


  • The worker in the purple shirt is named Ellis.
  • The worker in the orange shirt is gay.


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