Suite: Good Touch




Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

Suite: Good Touch is a song featured on the season 2 episode Teachin' the Touches.


There are touches that are good,
And touches that are bad.
Touches that are happy,
And touches that are sad.

Hugs and kisses make you wanna dance,
But they shouldn't be anywhere near your pants.
Your pants area is a private place,
If a touch invades, punch it in the face.

If a touch makes you nervous,
Scream and flea.
Go tell an adult,
Someone's touchin' me!

I thought you just,
Wanted a chick.
But you got bad touched,
Now you're in a skin flick.

It breaks my heart,
To see you here.
I can offer you a hug,
And a sympathetic tear.

It wasn't your fault,
What ever happened to you. (happened to you)
But now Sol is here,
And his friendship, is true.

A touch made you nervous,
Maybe no one believed. (maybe no one believed)
But you can tell ol' Sol,
Someone bad touched me!

Someone bad touched me!
Someone bad touched me!
Someone bad touched me!!

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