The Anti-Mosher


Fall of the Steaks


Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

The Anti-Mosher is off of the 2010 album, not featured on the show.


This ain't 1982. (and we're not Black Flag)
Do I look Henry Rollins? (I'm way too fuckin' fat)
So stop the nonsense, (and just watch the band)
30 years of this horse shit. (Imma take a fuckin' stand)

Don't wanna lift your dumb ass up off the floor.
Why don't you slam dance yourself right out the door!
Here's your five bucks back, now go! Oh no.

Oh yes my friend, I don't lie. (but moshing makes the show)
This is the end of the line. (you're way too old to know)
So sick of you ruining everybody's good time, everytime.

Yes. I am the Anti-Mosher, a messiah for a new era.
Anti-violence, anti-posturing, anti-dumbturd chucklenuts.

You know you could fall down and hit your head!
Broken nose, broken arm, broken leg, broken heart 'cause you're dead!
Or even worse, you'll hurt an innocent,
And I got no problem stoppin' the show five minutes in!

Take a knee, take notes, get in the know.
These are my words, my demands, I'm a man with the plan.
My manifesto,
Don't ya know!

I don't see the point in coming to a show,
To practice your kung fu,
Just leave that stuff at home.
Now stand still and watch this solo!

See pretty impressive right?
If you were fuckin' around, you woulda missed it.
This is what I'm saying.

Floor punchin', arm swingin' kick in the air.
Looks like your fightin' with a ghost,
But I'll tell ya friend the ghost isn't there.
So put your shirt on and act your age,
And sit your pussy-ass down and let the pretty babies come to the stage.

I am the Anti-Mosher! This is the Anti-Mosher! Now you're an Anti-Mosher!
This tale of caution has been brought to you by Solsolido!

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