The Deepest Crush


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Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

The Deepest Crush is off of the 2016 album, not featured on the show. It is a completed version of the song from a skit featured in Tourin' the Canada.


In you came, in you came in my life,
You came and the blame is on me.
Darlin' what I gotta do? (do)
What I gotta do.

Whatchu gonna do? (I'm gonna love you)
Where you gonna go? (where you want me to go)

The deepest crush I know. (way down, down in the crush hole)
The deepest crush hell hole. (crush hole, crush hole)
To crush, to crush your soul. (down, down, down in the crush hole, crush hole)

And I smoked up one big bowl,
To deal with this crush hole. (crush hole)
The deep ended today, and it's about time.
It's about time I got away, from the one!
The one girl I can say played along,
Through all the sex parades that I ride on!

But a crush ain't love,
It's just a thing.
But a crush is fun,
For just one fling!
But this crush is done.
So why am I stuck down in this crush hole?

Because she's wicked. (wicked)

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