The Gentle Art of Butchery 2


Left Behind: Vol. 1


Ricky Butcher
Sol Butcher

The Gentle Art of Butchery 2 is a song featured on the season 1 episode Buryin' the Past.


Pork chops and steak, 
And all the meat that I make, 
I try to cut it all, 
But Ricky keeps bustin' my balls. 

The Gentle Art of Butchery, 
It's not just choppin' and sellin' meat. 

Riffs, drums and bass, 
Blastin' right in your face. 
I'd love to jam all day, 
But Sol refuses to play. 

The Art of Rock is more for me, 
It's way more fun, and gets the teats. 

The Gentle Art of Butchery! (The Art of Rock is more for me!)

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