The Message


Left Behind: Vol. 2


Doug Borski
Sol Butcher

The Message is a song featured on the season 2 episode Teachin' the Touches


Woke up one mornin',
What did I see?
The power no dun',
Got a hold of me!

Messin' up my chances,
Of gettin' a chick.
Alone in my room,
Playin' with my WHAT?

Feelins' in love,
And my well be'in,
I only thank God,
That Ricky barged in!

Now I'm gonna study,
This fine porno.
It's like Sol said,
You gotta use whatcha know.

A glittery shirt,
And hot white pants.
A sleek moustache,
Now I got a chance!

To find a real girl,
To call my own.
Instead of watchin' movies,
And strokin' my WHAT?

Ego intact,
Studyin' is fun!
Learnin' many uses,
For a hotdog bun.

I'm ready to date,
And I think it shows.
Take it from Sol,
You gotta use whatcha know.

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