The Vegan Warriors


Male, Female



Only Appearance

Ridin' the Rocket

Voiced by

Jay Ziebarth
Trevor Ziebarth

The Vegan Warriors believe so strongly in their beliefs that they force it onto others and try to set animals free. They converted Sol into veganism.

They died from being eaten alive by the slaughterhouse animals that they were freeing.


The woman, named Rainbow, has red crew-cut hair, and large, saggy breasts. She has a unibrow, tooth gap, and a silver earring on her right ear. She wears a pink tie-dye tank top, brown camouflage pants pulled up to her ribcage, and sandals.

The man, named Mars, has unkempt brown hair, and a brown goatee. He wears a pink, green, blue and purple tie-dye T-shirt, brown pants, and black shoes.


  • Mars did not want to keep being vegan. In fact, before he died he ate bacon.

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